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Build a Business Workshop

Come join us for our build a business workshop that's held  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


Our workshops were created for small business owners who are invested in learning how building a business works. There are many  websites that you will find the offering  information on starting a business.  But our workshops provides you with only the requirements for your specific business design.

For example: Home based Vs Corporation.

This workshop was  created for all the business owners who have Companies and are looking to become compliant with all agencies. 

Some business owners create corporations and LLC themselves and did not know that a article of incorporation certificate was not all that was needed to fully operate.

During the Pandemic and the loss of jobs people were rushing to create a income for themselves to provide for there families. Some business where willing to do anything to keep there business from shutting down. For the lack of funding or the knowledge of what is the best way to go about it. 

Most of the Companies were forced to close due to lack of funding and this workshop is designed for those Business owners who just need the right information to stay in business.

During this time the agencies that were designed to help were not considering all the work that the disadvantaged communities were putting into creating a solution to the pandemic in there own way. Magic Touch consulting LLC see's all the efforts that this community is making to keep itself together and is proud to serve the community we are in.

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